Bio Systems

The safer and more sustainable alternative for your sharps waste

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SRCL’s Bio Systems service takes the risk away from your staff and replaces it with a solution that is safe, compliant and environmentally sound.

The process

SRCL’s Bio Systems service incorporates our UN-approved reusable containers that can be used up to 600 times after washing and disinfection, as opposed to single-use containers that are disposed after just one use.

Our trained technicians deliver, locate, collect and exchange sharps containers from your healthcare sites, reducing the need for your staff to handle them and put themselves at risk of a needlestick injury. The used containers are then transported to our treatment facility where they are weighed, scanned and tracked, followed by a thorough three-stage disinfection process. The disinfected, reassembled containers are then delivered back to your facility in a ready-to-use condition for the cycle to continue.

The benefits

  • Up to 600 uses per sharps container
  • A sustainable alternative to incineration
  • Safer system for staff, proven reduction in needlestick injuries
  • Signing of containers no longer required
  • Ready to use system, no assembly required
  • Full training provided
  • Cost benefits

For a service that offers peace of mind in the safe, sustainable and compliant disposal of your sharps waste, contact us today.  Alternatively, please visit our dedicated website to find out more about our unique service.