Offensive Waste

Safe and compliant services for non-infectious waste

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We are aware that offensive waste can be a challenging waste stream to manage.

There are various complexities surrounding implementation of a non infectious waste stream ensuring appropriate segregation practices.

Stericycle will work directly with waste managers and clinical staff, providing advice and training for appropriate handling, containment, transportation and disposal.

Additionally, support is provided to ensure the Health Technical Memorandum 07-01: Safe management of healthcare waste (HTM) standards are met and by all levels of clinical and other site based staff.

We collect and treat:

  • Tiger clinical waste bags -Non-Hazardous Offensive
  • Feminine Hygiene Waste

Stericycle also supplies UN approved containers coded with our proprietary BioTrack system aiding correct consignment and segregation of waste. Customers can opt from a scheduled service for regular collections or an ‘on-call’ service where waste volumes are not high.

Our service also includes regular legislative updates for all customers and we provide waste awareness training and site audits.

For a company that offers peace of mind and safe, compliant offensive waste disposal, contact one of our specialists today.