BLOG – What’s happening in compliance?

SRCL continues its blog series with a look at what’s happening in compliance in 2015, by David Williams, SRCL’s Senior Environmental Manager.

Firstly to introduce myself – I lead the environment and sustainability team within our compliance department. We’re responsible for ensuring our business activities are compliant with the whole complex array of environmental and waste regulations, and for supporting our customers to ensure they’re compliant too. We also help to drive forward efforts to make our business sustainable and will soon be publishing our first ever environmental sustainability report on how we’re performing.

Here are just a few of the things we’ll be spending time on in 2015.

We’ll be working on the regulatory aspects of a number of site developments, including the commissioning of our new waste-to-energy facility near Bristol, a significant development allowing us to generate electricity from the waste produced by our customers in the South-West and Wales.

Across every part of our business, we’re preparing for ESOS compliance. ESOS – the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme – is a new legal requirement for large businesses to assess their energy usage, undertake site energy audits and develop efficiency plans. Our energy efficiency has already improved year on year for the last five years, but we believe that we can always do more. ESOS will enable us to identify and implement efficiencies that will help our customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their waste even further.

I’m also excited to announce our first foray into renewable energy generation. We’ll be conducting a feasibility study into the capacity for wind and solar electricity generation at our facilities, with a view to installing the first power generating system in 2016. This will be the first step on the road towards a genuinely carbon-neutral healthcare waste service. Watch this space!