Metals Recycling

The sensible waste solution for single use instruments

Our metals recycling service offers an environmentally friendly, cost saving alternative to incinerating single use metal instruments.

Typically, hospitals and medical facilities dispose of single-use metal instruments via high temperature incineration. While this sterilises the items, the charred remains are unsuitable for recycling and must be sent to landfill.

We have specially adapted our Bio Systems reusable 30.2L sharps containers, and added a white lid and appropriate labelling so that can be placed into areas with a high turnover of single use instruments.

Once the containers reach their ‘fill level ‘, they are transported to our treatment facility where they are weighed, scanned and tracked. They are then emptied by our state-of-the-art robotic system and cleaned by a thorough three-stage disinfection process.

The metals, once emptied from the containers, are then tipped into our clinical waste autoclave, on site. The autoclave has full validation and sign off to heat disinfect clinical waste comprising single use metal instruments, thus making them safe for recycling.

Finally, the disinfected containers are meticulously inspected, reassembled and then delivered back to your facility in a ready to use condition, for the cycle to continue.

The benefits:

  • Up to 600 uses per metals container
  • A recycled alternative to incineration – moving you up the waste hierarchy
  • Signing of containers no longer required
  • Ready to use system with no assembly required
  • Cost benefits
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

For a service that offers peace of mind in the safe and compliant disposal of your metals waste, contact one of our specialists today.