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Safe and secure lab waste services delivering complete peace of mind

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We offer a complete lab waste solution including: on-site visits, identification and safe disposal, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

From the smallest container to the largest, our qualified chemists will visit your site to identify chemicals and determine any that are unknown to ensure correct disposal.

As part of our service, we can also list and package chemical waste on your behalf allowing you to save time on dealing with extensive packaging classifications and associated charges. Stericycle’s tried and tested service also eliminates potential disasters from chemicals mixing, taking the risk away from staff and replacing it with a safe and compliant solution.

Our national logistics network allows us to perform regular scheduled visits at a time most convenient for you, and through our extensive coverage, we can guarantee a continuity of service allowing you peace of mind.

Whether you manage a small school laboratory or a large university facility, our specialist team will work with you to ensure you remain compliant and safe.

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