Infectious Waste

Safe and compliant services for infectious waste streams

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Clinical waste that is classed as infectious may be hazardous to those that come into contact with it.

While all clinical waste has to be appropriately managed and treated, infectious healthcare waste in particular, can be a complex waste stream to manage.

This is particularly so, as compliance requirements for infectious waste are required to cover a wide range of issues, from the segregation, collection, transportation and final treatment of the waste.

Stericycle’s expertise in managing this waste stream encompasses infectious waste disposal from orange & yellow bagged waste through to anatomical and gypsum waste.

Stericycle’s nationwide presence includes alternative treatment and incineration facilities as well as our comprehensive fleet of vehicles. We are also able to supply UN approved containers of various sizes with colour coded lids. Additionally, the Stericycle BioTrack system tracks the waste once it is collected.

Our experienced teams work directly with healthcare waste managers and clinical staff, providing advice and training for appropriate handling, containment, transportation and disposal of infectious waste that meets the requirements set out in the Health Technical Memorandum 07-01: Safe management of healthcare waste (HTM).

Stericycle is also experienced in the management and disposal of high risk or category A waste. Category A infectious waste is classed on the basis that it is known or suspected to be contaminated with pathogens presenting the most severe risk of infection.

As a reputable and licensed clinical waste contractor, Stericycle ensures that category A waste is collected in a safe manner, and then transported and disposed in complete compliance with the ADR regulations.

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