Hazardous waste

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Hazardous Waste Barrels

From the disposal of aerosol canisters and chemicals to WEEE waste, we are able to offer you the full hazardous waste solution.

If waste is potentially harmful to the environment or to human health, this is classified as ‘hazardous’ under environmental legislation and also means that you are unable to dispose of these waste types with your general waste.

We recognise that organisations generate various types of waste that fall into this hazardous bracket and these wastes require compliant handling and disposal. We ensure that your waste is removed, transported and disposed of compliantly and efficiently.

Hazardous waste types include:

As the UK’s leading specialist waste management company, we have a proven track record in providing technical expertise, advice and disposal services to manage these waste streams safely, effectively and compliantly.

Our vehicles and facilities are fully licenced to manage a variety of waste streams and are trusted by pharmaceutical companies, research and development bodies, universities; laboratories, local authorities and government agencies.

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