Our Processes

We will always use the most appropriate treatment and disposal options

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Stericycle is dedicated to finding sustainable, environmentally friendly and compliant recovery options for all the waste we handle.

Sustainability is at the cornerstone of our service, and we work in partnership with our suppliers and customers to find the most appropriate method of disposal and containerisation that best suits the waste needs and targets of the organisation in question.

Our Bio Systems service is an example of our dedication to finding sustainable recovery options for waste and incorporates our UN approved reusable sharps containers. For each Bio Systems container used, up to 600 single-use containers are prevented from being treated, thus being instrumental in the reduction of greenhouse gases. Additionally, as containers are re-used, bulky packaging waste from the purchase of single-use containers is also eliminated. Stericycle’s Bio System’s service also estimates a cost saving of between 10% – 20% over the total costs involved in using single-use sharps containers.

Our waste segregation procedures are developed in-line with the latest legislation to ensure our customers manage their waste streams in the most environmentally friendly manner. Working closely with environmental regulators and new technology providers also ensures that our waste disposal operations lead the way across the industry.

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