With an unrivalled network of facilities, we offer a true ‘end to end’ service

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We have a nationwide network of over 20 waste-to-energy facilities, alternative treatment plants and waste transfer stations, providing services to customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

With unparalleled nationwide coverage and the latest routing technology, we can provide services wherever you are.

Our Waste-to-Energy incinerators and alternative treatment (AT) plants are installed with the latest heat disinfection units and high temperature boilers providing compliant disposal and recovery options for clinical waste suitable for alternative treatment. Our AT plants generate refuse derived fuel or flock, which is used as a valuable fuel alternative to virgin fossil fuels.

We work in partnership with acute hospitals where our Waste-to-Energy incinerators are located to deliver sustainable waste management solutions that meet all Duty of Care obligations. In 2013, our Waste-to-Energy incinerators produced over 145,000 tonnes of steam which supplied heat to six major hospitals and to the Nottingham City Heating District.

While you may not be a stranger to the waste disposal technologies on offer, have you ever wondered what exactly happens to your waste when we collect it? Click here for an insight into Stericycle’s Waste-to-Energy incineration process and alternative treatment process, and the sustainability measures we offer.

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